Building on a successful history of over 25 years and the work devSoPKeloped by former principal consultants Ian Graham and Nigel Clements, the prime purpose of PRISM continues to be the promotion of organisational improvement via the understanding and application of ‘Systems Thinking’, in particular the method developed by Dr W Edwards Deming.

Our prime role is to help organisations:

  • Assimilate the key principals & techniques.
  • Apply them to their unique situation.
  • Build up their competence & capability to enable them to become self-supporting.

We do this via a combination of educational workshops, facilitation, coaching and mentoring

Core to our practice are two very mature bespoke educational workshops:

The PRISM Improvement Experience

A unique, highly pragmatic & interactive learninPRISM System for Improvementg event that engages delegates with the fundamental theory, principles and methods of Systems Thinking applicable to the improvement of organisational performance.

Developing Our Use of DataPBC

An in-depth ‘study’ of the critical concept of ‘variation’ (introduced in the Improvement Experience) & the effective use of Process Behaviour Charts to guide effective decision making & significant &sustainable performance improvement.

Both of these workshops have been run very extensively in a wide range of organisations & continue to be very positively received by delegates.

Our educational & consultancy work continues to emphasise two fundamental aspects of organisations:

• Each organisation, like a snowflake, is unique.
• They consist of individuals, each of whom has their own particular ‘viewpoint’.

Although this may seem obvious it is our view that many approaches to organisational improvement fail because they lose sight of these points. Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), is a powerful ‘Systems Thinking’ method for organisational improvement, complementary to Deming’s method, that uniquely accommodates multiple personal perceptions of ‘purpose’ in a way that is robust, totally explicit and hence, both defensible and auditable. Through our partner, Konceptika, we are able to offer training & consultancy in the use of SSM