Developing Use of Data

Data & numbers are clearly critically important to organisations. Much organisational effort is devoted to gathering & analysing data, preparing reports, deciding what action to take as a consequence etc. Mathematics is a mandatory part of everyone’s education & it is an ancient & mature discipline, so what is the problem, indeed if there is one at all?

When we take a systemic view of an organisation in the way that Deming suggested the problem becomes very evident – VARIATION. Now, for a number of reasons, generally ‘accidents’ of history, very few of us have ever been taught a theory of numbers which takes account of VARIATION & it turns out that understanding this theory is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL if we aspire to  have thriving, sustainable organisations.

Whilst the IMPROVEMENT EXPERIENCE introduces the concept of VARIATION & the key tool, the Performance Behaviour Chart, we need a much deePBCper & wider understanding in order to really improve our organisations. This is the purpose of our Developing Use of Data educational event.

In this highly interactive workshop, delegates will learn about:

  • The different types of variation & why it is important to be able to distinguish them.
  • How to gather good data – & how to distinguish ‘bad’ data.
  • How to construct & use performance behaviour charts to guide robust decisions.
  • The two types of data, continuous & attribute, & how to deal with them.
  • The pitfalls of Red, amber, green reporting.
  • The difference between using data for reporting & data to guide improvement.
  •  Predictability, definition of a ‘stable process’ – & why this is important.
  • The two strategies for reducing variation.
  • Accuracy & precision?
  • Measurement as a process.
  • The distorting effect of targets.